AWS is committed to diversity and making tech rewarding for everyone.
However, the company admits that there is still a lot of work to be done.
AWS is working to close the tech gender gap. Its “We Power Tech” program is dedicated to sharing resources, educating tech space via its Diversity Speakers Bureau, as well as creating a pool technologists that reflects our diverse world.
AWS hosts regular Women in Tech events all over the world. These conferences are designed to inspire and share the latest trends with female IT professionals and show them what a career in AWS looks like.
Only 12% of AWS Heroes today are women. Its partnerships with mentorship and training organizations like Girls Who Code and Lesbians Who Tech, Black Tech Women and Enquizit continue to empower women and girls to pursue a career in technology.
It is a great way for tech companies to support nonprofits and increase diversity, inclusion, and ensure that the AWS community has a constant flow of talented talent.
AWS’s female heroes
We love to shout about the amazing work of AWS women, so we thought it would be a great way to celebrate Women in Tech Week.
These tech professionals are driving amazing developments in cloud space and blazing trails for women in tech. Here are 15 AWS Heroes to keep an eye on if you’d like to learn more about Amazon Web Services.
Container Heroes
Since: 2019Twitter: @lizrice
Liz Rice, one of the newest Heroes to join the fold in September 2019, was named an AWS MVP. Aqua Security’s VP Open Source Engineering oversees a variety of open-source projects related to containers.
Liz is also chair for the CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee. She has previously served as Co-Chair of CloudNativeCon 2018 events, in Copenhagen, Shanghai, Seattle.
Liz is a regular speaker at conferences such as AWS re-Invent, Velocity and DockerCon. She is well-known for her ability to clearly explain complex concepts and ideas, making it easy to understand the world of containers.
Liz is a skilled tech writer. Her articles have appeared on TechBeacon, Aqua Security, TechBeacon, and TechBeacon, as well as her blog. She co-authored the O’Reilly Report on Kubernetes Security.

Hero since: 2019Twitter: @SysAdmGirl
Vicky Seno, a professor, teaches a variety of AWS-related courses, including topics such as Containers, Kubernetes and ECS, Serverless, Networking, Security, and Computing Services.
Vicky, who has more than 20 years of IT experience, became a Santa Monica College Computer Science Professor. Vicky joined the faculty in order to help create an AWS Cloud Computing college degree and to train staff from many colleges in the area in an effort to provide more educational options for those interested in learning more about AWS.
Vicky is an AWS Container Hero, co-organizer of SMC’s AWS Cloud Day Conference and an AWS Cloud Faculty Ambassador. This honor recognizes her contributions to AWS education in academia.
Vicky is tireless in her efforts to spread knowledge about AWS and encourage more women representation in the cl