You must keep your PMP certification if you are a PMP-certified professional. You must earn PMP PDUs to do this. The best way to earn PDUs for PMP renewal is through PMP PDU courses. Are you PMP-certified and are you thinking about renewing your PMP certification? PMP PDU courses are the most popular way to obtain 60 PDUs to renew your PMP certification.
This post will discuss three options for PMP PDU. The first is traditional classroom PDU classes. Online PMP PDU Courses are the second most convenient and affordable way to earn PDUs. The last is other PMP PDU courses resources like seminars and conferences. Continue reading to learn more about the PMP PDU Courses, and renew your PMP.

Important: Many people mistakenly confuse the contact hours you need to sit for the PMP exam with the PDU hours you must earn in order to renew your PMP certificate. You can also read our free PMP PDU article if you have any questions.
How do I renew my PMP certification?
Let’s talk about the renewal process for PMP, the PMP PDU courses and the steps to keep your PMP badge. First, you don’t have to retake your PMP certification exam in order to renew your PMP badge. What is the process to renew your PMP certification? Here you go!

Login to CCRS Online: You will need to log in to the Continuing Certification System of PMI, which is an online portal. This allows you to easily report the PDUs you have earned.
Report PDU: You can begin earning PDU as soon as you become a PMP. These PMP renewal PDUs are based on the PMP PDU training you have completed. You can earn PDUs and report the total number of PDUs in this system based on the type.
Select a category and report: PMI allows the reporting of PDU under different categories. We’ll be looking at the different categories under which you can report PDU courses taken by PMP. Each category has a minimum and maximum number PDUs that you can earn. However, these are clearly defined. When planning your PMP PDU courses, make sure to consider the alignment with the Talent Triangle as well as the maximum number of PDUs you can earn for these PMP PDU courses.
Complete Renewal Application Did you fulfill the Talent Triangle requirements of the PMP PDU courses that you have taken? Once you have met all the requirements, you can fill out the PMP Renewal Application.
Reaffirm PMI Code Of Ethics: You must also confirm that you are and will abide by this code.
Pay renewal fee: After you have completed all of these, PMI will guide you to pay the renewal fee
Maintain PMP certification: You are now a PMP in good standing and can continue to earn PDU totaling sixty. This is to ensure that you remain current with the changing profession.
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What is CCRS?
The “Continuing Certification Requirements System” online portal allows you to report your PDUs. Log in to report all PDUs earned over the three-year period.
What are the categories to report PDU?
It is important to understand the PMI categories under which you can earn PDU. Let’s take a deeper dive into what these categories are and how they can help you earn PDU for the PMP PDU courses. Are there other options? How many PDUs are you allowed to earn?

Category “Education”
Training or courses
Let’s look at the courses and training that are available from different sources. PDU can be earned through courses or training sessions. These PDU courses are available in your company, PMI, or other related organizations. What PDU courses are available to earn PDU in this category?
Educational events: These sessions are pre-scheduled and run by the project management institute