To keep your PMP certification valid, you will need to renew it every three years. There are many ways to earn PDUs. We have discussed the various ways to get PMP PDU India in this PMP PDU India article.
It is better to understand the PMP PDU requirements before you start exploring the methods of earning PMP PDUs in India.
Important: Many people mistakenly confuse the contact hours you need to sit for the PMP exam with the PDU hours you need to renew your PMP certificate. You can also read our free PMP PDU article if you have any questions.
To renew your PMP certification, you must earn 60 PMP PDU each three years. There are two main types of PMP PDU. These are Education and Giving back categories.

PMI requires that each PMP certification holder must earn at least 35 PMP DUs from the Education category. This applies to PMP PDU India too. These PDUs must be earned from at least eight PDUs in each PMI talent triangle category. The PMI has a minimum 35 PDU limit for Education categories, but there is no maximum. You can earn all 60 PMP-level PDUs from Education.
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25 PDUs is the maximum number of PDUs you can submit to the Giving Back category. You can submit maximum 8 PDUs to work as a practitioner subcategory under the PMP PDU India limit.
These are important PMI PDU guidelines you should be aware of when earning PDUs or renewing your PMP. Learn more about PMP PDU requirements.
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*The Best Method to Get PMP PDU India
We recommend that you take a PMP PDU online course such as our 60 PMP PDU Bundle to get PMP PDU. You can take the PMP PDU courses at your own pace and from anywhere you like.
PMP PDU distribution for each course in our 60 PMP PDU Bundle is (for PMI Talent Triangle categories Technical, Strategic, and Leadership) as follows.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training – 12, 9, 9 = 30 PMP PDU
Agile Scrum Certification Training – 4, 4, 4 = 12 PMP PDU
IT Service Management Certification Training – 5, 4, = 14 PMP PDU
Microsoft Project Training – 1, 2, or 1 PMP PDU
After completing the courses, you will be able to claim your PDUs earned as directed in this link.
You can also earn PDUs from our other PM courses! The PDU matrix matrix shows the number of PDUs earned by Master of Project Academy courses.

Other ways to earn PMP PDUs in India
There are actually 10 ways to get PMP PDU. Let’s take a look at each one.
Course or Training
PMP renewal serves the main purpose of keeping project managers current with the latest trends. This can be done by attending a PMP PDU India training or course. It will be necessary to plan your calendar for the meeting dates. Generally speaking, the cost of attending a classroom PDU course is 1300-1400% more than that of an online PMP PDU course or PMP PDU classes.
We recommend that you enroll in an online PMP PDU class, especially if your job requires you to complete your PDU requirements and renew your PMP certification.
Organizational Meetings
You can search for events, seminars, conferences, and meetings related to project management in your area. These meetings are great for networking and generally offer 1-2 PDUs. You will be able to meet new people in proj