Story by Guro Gronbakken Head of Content at Avidly Norway
How can you make an impact on the world around you?
Our goal is to help other businesses grow and get new customers. We believe in inbound marketing, which we live and breathe, is the key to creating real results. It also assists others to achieve their marketing goals. That is why we strive to make heroes in the companies we collaborate with. Good routines and profitable processes are what make the magic happen in digital marketing. We’re changing the world one step at a. time.
What would you call Real Work?
Avidly Norway defines real work as passion and enthusiasm. We strive to work smarter than we work harder, so that we both have better results and a better work-life balance.
Writing is something I enjoy doing a lot. I spend a lot time creating content for our website and for clients. I am becoming an expert in many different industries, including roofing, warehouse logistics, and recruitment. But my work is not just about writing. As part of a startup, you have the freedom to experiment with many things. I can play around with the design and create a new content strategy.
How does ActiveCollab fit in to your day?
ActiveCollab: Everything You Need to Know Before You Can Grow Your Business. How to Grow Your Business: Everything You Need To Know Before You Can
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