It’s no surprise that bootcamps in data science are well-received. They offer a high salary, great job satisfaction, and large industry growth. Data science is consistently ranked among the top jobs in America and one of highest-paying. Global uncertainty makes it a great time to begin a career in data science. If you’re anything like most people, it is time and money. If you’re going to college, you don’t want to be burdened with a large student loan. You don’t want four years of unfulfilled education. Bootcamps are a popular way to learn. They are faster, cheaper, and more efficient than college. You could be qualified to get the job of your dreams in a matter of weeks. It seems impossible to believe that you can learn everything you need to launch your data science career in a matter of weeks. It is possible with some bootcamps. There are many bootcamp options and new companies are opening all the time. You can find a job in data science within a few months. You have to make the right decision. There are so many options. Here are some things to look out for in a bootcamp.
Establishment: The first step in establishing a course is to examine the company offering it. How long have they been in business? Are they new or have they been around for a while? Do they have a long list satisfied program graduates? What are the opinions of these graduates? You can find reviews written by former students by doing a quick internet search.
Course material: Some bootcamps are so cheap that they might not seem appealing at first. It’s hard not to love the idea of a six-figure income in a week, even though you only invested $20. You might be surprised to find that the course material is actually made up of material you can find online for free. If you are looking to learn the subject yourself, this might not be a problem. If that were the case, then you wouldn’t be looking at bootcamps. High-quality programs use original course material by subject experts. The topics should be directly related to the skills employers are looking for. You should be able walk out of the bootcamp and immediately go to job interviews.
Instruction: Bootcamps that excel have access to mentors who are highly qualified. While you can practice on your own, dedicated instructors will help you learn faster. Ask about instructors and verify their credentials before you go. You are going to invest your money in training and you want it to be delivered by professionals who know their stuff.
Outcomes: Your entire program should focus on building your portfolio and providing tangible evidence of your skills. You should also be skeptical of bootcamps that promise a guaranteed six-figure salary from employers like Amazon and Google. False promises should not be used to lure you in. You should instead look for a bootcamp with a dedicated career team that prepares students for employment. The best bootcamps offer coaching, resume help, interview prep, and help with finding good job opportunities. Ask prospective bootcamp organizers about the results of their most recent cohort. Where are they now? What was their time to find work? Good bootcamp companies will keep track of this data to ensure that the course is relevant and useful. The purpose of bootcamp is to help you find a new job. You deserve to know how it performs.

Are you still unsure if data science bootcamps are worth it? Coding Dojo offers a 14-week immersive Data Science bootcamp. Is that too short? It is. Our students are always surprised at how much they can accomplish in just a few weeks. The Coding Dojo bootcamps are known for being very rigorous. You will be on-site for 40 hours per week and will have to do a mix of lab work and lectures. Your days will be filled with group activities, projects, and assignments. We offer the opportunity to attend seminars with industry experts.
Isaac Faber Ph.D. is the Chief Data Scientist at U.S. Army AI Task Force. He created the world-class curriculum. He is a former West Point Military Academy Professor and has a doctorate from Stanford University. You can be sure you are getting the best out of your investment by having input from top tech companies. You will have the freedom to push your limits, knowing that support is always available. You have dedicated mentors and instructors who want you to succeed.
What will you learn? The Coding Dojo Data Science bootcamp teaches you:
Learn the Data Science Process and how it can be applied in different situations
Data Science solutions with SQL, Tabl