Cloud computing has revolutionized the way that organizations work over the past few decades. Cloud computing is becoming more popular and organizations are finding that their greatest challenge is not technical. It’s the shortage of skilled people. They don’t have enough people with the right skillset to meet their goals. It’s crucial to have a cloud-fluent workforce in order to implement and execute successful cloud strategies.
Simply put, employees from all levels – sales, technical, marketing, finance, operations, and HR – will be able to work together and move faster from idea to execution if they are familiar with cloud capabilities. The ability of a business unit to improve customer experience does not depend on IT resources. The cloud fundamental knowledge empowers employees to think and innovate better than ever before.
HowAWSCloud Practitionerhelpsyour organization build cloud fluency?
AmazonWeb Services (AWS), which has a 32% market share, is the most popular cloud computing service at the moment. AWS offers a wide range of training and certifications to support organizations in their cloud transformation journey. The AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is one of the most sought-after AWS certifications. This certification is the first level in AWS certifications and helps professionals start their cloud journey regardless of their background.
TheAWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials certificationis designed to give professionals a thorough understanding of AWS cloud services. It provides a solid foundation for cloud skills, and prepares learners to take advanced and technical cloud certifications. This certification is not only for technical roles, but also for financial, managerial, and purchasing roles that work with AWS Cloud.
This certification gives an overview of AWS Cloud concepts and core services, security, network, pricing, and other support services. AWS Cloud Practitioner certification validates candidates’ ability to design fundamental cloud infrastructure and architectural concepts as well as key AWS platform services. This certification does more than address the cloud skills gap. It also empowers employees to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, thereby increasing the company’s technical and business resources.

Where can I find AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Training for a Discounted Rate?
NetCom Learning is an Amazon Web Services (AWS), Partner Network (APN), training partner. Anyone interested in cloud computing will find a curriculum prepared by this collaboration. AWS-authored lectures and labs, projects, and assessments are available to them. These resources are designed to prepare learners for careers and organizations that use cloud computing. They provide them with unique AWS insights to help them achieve AWS certification and validate the skills they have.
NetCom Learning is offering theAWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Training at a discounted rate. The training will be held on December 18th 2021. It costs $139. The course is currently valued $675. This offer is only valid for one day and is a great opportunity to upskill your team’s cloud skills. Our AWS Champion-Level Instructor will deliver the session. He will also give tips and resources to help you pass the certification exam. This promotional session is limited in number.
Every IT professional should obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification to be able to work with the AWS platform. This certification is a great opportunity for both technical and non-technical candidates who want to jumpstart their cloud computing journeys or gain an edge in this highly competitive market. This is the perfect time to learn about cloud computing.