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This five-minute guide will cover everything you need to know about AWS DevOps Certification. It will also explain how to master it and why it is so important in 2020. This AWS Certification is recommended to enterprises that have recently migrated to cloud infrastructure. It will allow them to quickly develop top-quality applications for their end users.
Before we start, a quick overview of Amazon Web Services (the cash cow) and how it has transformed global businesses with its unparalleled offerings.
Amazon Web Services, or AWS, was launched in 2006 with three offerings: Amazon S3 storage, SQS and EC2. It has grown rapidly over the years, and it has successfully carved out an industry-leading position in cloud computing (getting more than 30% market share). It has quickly become the preferred choice for cloud computing in enterprises around the world.
It is a cloud computing platform that is beyond perfect. This platform has helped many enterprises harness the power and potential of Information Technology to improve their business processes and increase productivity. A team of AWS-certified DevOps experts can greatly increase the success rate of AWS cloud migration.
What’s next? What next? We recommend that you train your team for efficient development, deployment, and management of cloud-based business applications. Register for the AWS DevOps Certification at enterprise level to provide support to your teams using the best DevOps practices in AWS cloud.
Register your teams today for AWS DevOps certification
Many enterprises have found that the devops engineering section of aws has helped them improve their team’s skills to speed up application development and reduce delivery times after a successful cloud migration.
AWS DevOps Engineer certification is similar to other role-based training. To understand the full path for AWS DevOps Engineers, we recommend that you visit this link.
“DevOps should not be a goal. It should be a process of continuous improvement.” – Jez Humbly
This statement is true, and it makes perfect sense. We encourage you to encourage your team to take the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam. This will allow them to validate their skills for the role as AWS DevOps Engineering Professionals within the enterprise.
AWS DevOps Training – Why does your company need it?
To get the job done faster and better, most companies use the best DevOps practices. Enterprises can achieve maximum speed, innovation, and functionality with a team of DevOps engineers.
We have provided below some enterprise benefits to help you make a decision about whether or not you should invest in AWS DevOps training.
Benefits for businesses:
Features delivered faster
Strong operating environments
Collaboration and communication are improved
More time to innovate
Technical benefits
Frequent software delivery
Complexity reduced
Faster problem solving
Cultural Benefits:
Productive workforce
Employee engagement is improved
Better professional development opportunities

Your business will be able to grow, expand, and succeed with all these benefits. The operational workforce and management will work more in sync with the business goals. It will accelerate your journey to achieving desired business outcomes because it greatly simplifies the complex management of cloud applications, which allows for more time for the most important tasks.
Simply put, AWS certified DevOps Engineers can increase the success opportunities for your company in the broadest and most profound sense.
You can transform your business 360 degrees in 24 hours.
Your business will experience a digital transformation like no other if your teams enroll in AWS DevOps certification today. NetCom Learning, an AWS authorized training partner, is now offering a dedicated learning pathway for your teams to learn the AWS DevOps role. This will allow you to bring more value to your enterprise.
NetCom Learning’s 20+ years of experience within the learning industry has brought NetCom Learning a lot of attention. Recently, I became an AWS Partner Network (APN), to provide role-based AWS training to the target client base, which includes local and national government authorities.
NetCom Learning is happy to train your team for AWS DevOps certification within 24 hours. We will also empower your employees in a way that can help your business grow faster. Let’s get started!