A customer made a comment that led to Big Switch Networks introducing new offerings. Big Switch Networks is bringing AWS-like networking features and products to on-premises enterprise cloud environments.
Software-defined networking (SDN specialist) claimed to be the first to offer AWS networking features to enterprise cloud implementations on-premises. It traced the origins to a customer’s observation.
Kyle Forster, founder and CEO of Big Switch, said that an architect at one of our customers made a passing observation — ‘I chose Big Switch as it was the closest we could get Amazon networking on-premises’ – and it went viral. “He started our journey to Cloud First Networking. It was a simple click… this is what it is. It’s a great time to be a networker.
The company contrasted its software-centric approach for addressing hybrid cloud networking design problems with that of hardware-centric methods that start by adapting legacy products on-premises for use in public clouds platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
Its on-premises solutions are Big Cloud Fabric – Enterprise Cloud (BCF–EC) and Big Monitoring Fabric – Enterprise Cloud (BMF–EC). These public cloud networking and monitoring features support on-premises workloads and will be updated in the next software version.
Big Switch also announced two new public cloud products, Big Cloud Fabric-Public Cloud (BCFPC) and Big Monitoring Fabric-Public Cloud (BMFPC) for in-cloud deployments.
Multi-Cloud Director is another new offering. It allows for consistent hybrid design across both on-premises and cloud sites. It also supports monitoring and monitoring fabrics that are on-premises and in-cloud.
CFN begins with Enterprise VPCs, which is an on-prem version the key feature of public clouds networks implemented by Amazon (VPCs), Azure(vNets), and Google Cloud Platforms (VPCs),” the company stated in a statement earlier in the month. VPCs provide as-a-Service operations for networking in-cloud and on-prem. CFN is eliminating the inconsistencies between on-prem and in-cloud networking that have been a major obstacle to seamless hybrid cloud adoption by deploying VPCs everywhere. Automation everywhere and flow-analytics everywhere are just a few of the many benefits.
BMF-EC with flow visibility and packet visibility is generally now available. GA for other products is expected in Q3 and Qu4 of this year.
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