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03Aug2018Recent news in Canadian small business industry
categories: Business issuesLess capital and expertise are the main advantages of small business in Canada. There are many businesses which are classified as small businesses in Canada as per the Canadian laws. Canada is a very business-friendly country and it is all due to the laws which govern the businesses. Not only the Canadians but the people from all over the world visit the country to make sure that the business is conducted in such a manner which funds their family. The small businesses in Canada or the SMEs are increasing with every passing day. The best part of the small business companies is that they can be monitored easily as per government officials.SMEs and the rising gas prices
It is a known fact that many businesses all over Canada depend on natural gas for the output which they generate. The worse part of the equation is that they are highly affected by the recent gas price hike. The fuel prices are also high in Canada as per some businesses and therefore they need the factor of cost-cutting to curb the problem. SMEs are now looking forward to cutting the cost from the daily operations. The SMEs are the backbone of any economy and there are government officials which know that the problem is there. The SMEs in Ontario will make sure that the minimum wages which are set at $15 are further reduced to cope with the issue. In the long run, the fuel and gas price hike will affect the government’s policies as well.Ontario Convenience Stores
The convenience store sector of the province is struggling for many years now. Doug Ford the premiere of the province promised during his election campaign that the amendments will be done so that the sector can sell beer and wine. The promise has not been fulfilled till now and therefore such store owners are asking the premier to get the amendments done. The struggling sector hopes that some boost will be given from such sails as the item is purchased by the people in general. Doug during his election campaign said that Ontario is mature enough to implement this change. Only time will tell how much does the premier keeps his words. The convenience stores are eagerly waiting to support their sector at the cost of beer and wine.SMEs tax change
Though there is a long way to go the government has promised that the tax on the SMEs will be reduced from 10.5 to 9% in January 2019. It is a known fact that there are many issues which the SMEs have to face in relation to the business activates which they carry out. The tax cut will make sure that the hard earned money of the SMEs remains with them and the business activities are further fostered. Justin Trudeau made this announcement at a Toronto restaurant which has been appreciated by the SMEs all over Canada. The tax cut is from the backlash which the government has to face for the proposed tax change implementation in July 2018. Comments Off on Recent news in Canadian small business industry

30Nov2017Buying a business in Canada
categories: Business issuesStarting a business from scratch can be a very intimidating task it involves a lot of research. The time and capital investment is not an easy phenomenon. On top of all, it is emotionally very distressing for many. Instead of putting time and effort without knowing the outcome is not a fair deal. If the startup is short on capital it is very important that the business is started with intelligence. Instead of getting in hassle and issue it is important that existing business is bought and the operations are started. In Canada, there are many mediums of communication that can be used to purchase the businesses. The work is almost halved if existing brand is purchased.There are many issues which have to be taken care of while a business is purchased. The management of the business is easy and getting into the market becomes simple. The channels are established and it is easy using these. The business management is easy hence it is a fair deal, especially in Canada. There are many business kinds which can be purchased in Canada. Whatever nature is it is very important that each and every aspect is carefully judged before proceeding with the deal. Whatever the medium is of advertisement is of the business for sale it is important that investment is done carefully. The outcome of same franchise in the different location is not same. Such points are important and must be considered.Proven track record
It is the best thing that is related to businesses in Canada. The track record is proven and the sales stats are advent. It is very important that all such businesses have credibility in the market. In Canada, the business acquisition is very simple and complex paperwork is not involved. The key to success is hiring a professional lawyer to get the work done. The existing business might also have a staff with feedbacks and it makes the process of downsizing easy if required. Existing business in Canada can lead to very successful opportunities which own business cannot provide in every case.Easy evaluation
In some cases, the business rewards can be misleading and therefore it is important that thorough research is done in all the cases. The business can lead to the ultimate downfall and all the capital invested in purchase can go to waste. Proper evaluation is therefore important and hence it leads to successful results. The management of such business is also easy and requires no extra effort at all. Running the business in Canada is like a dream come true but it can only happen if quality research is involved.Assess the capital investment
It is very important that the capital which is invested in the purchase is thoroughly researched. It will make sure that the outcome is in line with the demands of the owners. The advertised amount should never be paid as it is always over quoted. The business should always be evaluated properly before moving forward with the deal. It will assess the capital automatically and will also ensure that a fair deal is closed. Comments Off on Buying a business in Canada

24Nov2017Pros and cons of business purchase
categories: Business issuesThe business purchase is an idea that seems to be too lucrative for some. It is because of the fact that the best operations are acquired. The business management is easy and the staff is new to work with. Such businesses have a very sound credibility in the market which is a very favorable condition for startups. However, there are some problems latched to this phenomenon and therefore should always be considered before moving forward. The best part is that all cons related to this idea can easily be eliminated if proper research is done before the deal is closed. If the buyer does not seem to get the value of money he should always quit the deal. Professional legal help should be the buyer and seller’s disposal. Such advocates will make sure that the deal is matured at any cost so that they can get their cut of wage.Every idea which is related to the business purchase is not as good as it seems. It is therefore very important that the research is done to get the work done. The business pros and cons should be studied to avoid any future hiatus.Pros
Preexisting client base
It is the best part which is related to the business purchase and is always considered by professionals. This part can make sure that the pros of the business purchased are enjoyed to the fullest.The established client base might have been working with the previous owners are for a very long time. It creates a challenging environment for the new owners to let the clients realize that they are here with same intentions of long-term business.Running operations
It is also very important for any business. Establishing operations from the scratch is a very daunting task which can have excruciating effects on the business capital. Operations run by previous owners can also get the work done with ease and satisfaction. The foundation has already been set and the new owners just need to reap the advantages. The previous business must have served the communities based on their reach and their name is the best what the new management gets.Cons
Matter of uncertainty
The new owners are always uncertain of what they are getting into. It always happens regardless of the research that has been done. The matter of uncertainty remains no matter what. This is one of the most intimidating issues with regards to the purchase. This issue sometimes also leads towards the wrong direction which is not desired by the owners. It can also lead to deal cancellation when the opportunities are very lucrative.Challenging environment
The new owners always get a very challenging environment. The staff is new and the overall management of the business is not what it seems. The operations are not known in full and it might also lead to issues in the first place. Figuring out the new role in business is not easy and learning curve also creates a problem for all. New management requires real changes which might not be an easy task to perform. Comments Off on Pros and cons of business purchase

18Nov2017What do you need to buy a business in Canada
categories: Business issuesBuying a business in Canada is a very easy task to perform as it does not have multifaceted legal requirements at all. The fact of the matter is that the businesses in Canada are sold and purchased on regular basis. So for all the parties which are involved the opportunities are endless. There are many factors which are to be considered before buying a business in Canada. There are many requirements which are to be fulfilled before moving with the deal. The management of the business and getting to know new staff and operation are some of the toughest tasks. Before buying a business in Canada it is important that some considerations are made clear.What do you intend on buying?
It is very important that a business is bought after thorough research. Research is an important part of anything you start and it even includes entertainment activities. For example, if you are a game lover, it is necessary for you to decide what games provider to choose. In order to do that, you can check NBSO casino online gaming guide, giving detailed reviews on the most popular gambling sources (si vous parlez fran├žais, nous vous recommandons de lire des critiques utiles sur les meilleures casino en ligne de divertissement sources).┬áBefore even looking at the ads it is important that the business nature and market demand is researched. Canadians are wise and don’t purchase anything which they are suspicious about. It is important that the business which has been selected is the one that has no shady products at all.Nature of business
The 2 most common types of businesses in Canada are the franchise and independent venture. Whatever the case is there are pros and cons which are associated with it. Before getting into any deal it is important the business nature is decided. The demands of the market and the nature of the place also have effects on the nature of the business. The overall management can also be affected if right and timely decision is not made.Assessment on what is being purchased
This factor also requires some legal help and therefore it should never be avoided. The nature of the business and what will the results be after the year should also be accessed. It is a task that should be left to the professionals. There are many methods such as market valuation, liquidation, and income which should be applied to get the best results. It is very important as the long-term business success is only related to such factors and must not be undermined at all.Making a deal
At this point, expert legal help is required to perform the task successfully. It is all because there are certain taxes which are involved. Such taxes can be high so legal and tax professionals make sure that they get the best rates to the clients. Tax optimization is the most important task that should be performed. The motivation of seller should also be a point of concern for the buyer as it will allow them to quote the best business price. It will also motivate them further.Legal considerations
These considerations are very important as it can lead to successful deal closing. The government should get its cut and it is important for running the successful business in Canada. Both buyer and seller should be given clear legal considerations before moving forward with the deal. The buyer-seller agreement must be clear and concise and the lawyer should avoid jargons which a common man does not understand. Comments Off on What do you need to buy a business in Canada

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