The post-COVID 2021 conference will be a revelation. “Automation” was once a futuristic buzzword or cliche for some organizations. Cisco DevNet Training will continue to be the best option for growth-oriented businesses looking to connect, communicate, collaborate and build applications as well as integrate with Cisco products, platforms or APIs.
The $1 trillion mark has been crossed by global spending on digital transformations. 70% of boards of directors have begun to push for digital business initiatives in response to the pandemic.
Cloud computing/IoT developments and the growing complexity of network networks are all evidence that digital transformation is more than just networking and connectivity.
What is the urgent need? Automating the new programmable networks – which has APIs, supports DevOps and can address business issues.
This requires IT professionals who are skilled and well-trained, capable of using the latest technologies and innovative thinking to work in your company. DevNet, Cisco’s developer program, Cisco DevNet certifications, and Cisco DevNet course are all great resources!
Let’s learn more about Cisco DevNet and the role it plays in digital transformation. We will go over Cisco DevNet certifications. You’ll learn how Cisco DevNet courses, and certification from NetCom Learning, could be extremely beneficial to your workforce.
Cisco DevNet
Cisco’s developer program was launched in 2014.
More than 600,000 members, primarily network engineers and developers.
Enables your developers/IT professionals to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products/platforms/APIs.
This collection includes Cisco’s products in software defined networking, cloud, data centre, internet of things and security. It also includes open-source software development.
This blog focuses on technological transformation in the industry using Cisco platforms.
Maximize Cisco software and services’ ROIs
The Digital Transformation Accelerator Accelerator – DevNet
It makes it possible to automate network operations for networks with capabilities like:
Intent-based networking is used to gather telemetry from the network and use it to optimize performance.
Integrating security at network layer. Network segmentation is used to give appropriate access and isolation. Policies are set for users, devices, and applications.
IoT in industrial settings: WiFi 6 and 5G with edge computing architectures.
Facilitates faster deployment of business policies and applications across the network.
Your organization will get the most out of technology investments, automate infrastructure, and drive positive business outcomes.

Cisco DevNet: What to do for your Teams
Automation prepares your company to go digital faster, more securely, and more efficiently. Start by writing your first line of code and completing your first automation project.
Encourage collaboration with colleagues and encourage a culture shift.
Cisco Live is a great way to expand your knowledge, network, or learn new tools for developers. It can be accessed from any location, anytime, between March 30 and April 1, 2021. Some sessions count towards your continuing education credits (CE) for recertification.
To automate security at scale in roles such as DevSecOps Engineer, you can explore CCNP Security or DevNet Specialist certifications.

Cisco DevNet Certifications
Cisco DevNet certifications validate the skills of your team members (software developers, DevOps experts, automation specialists and other software professionals) in software/application development and automation, programmability and cloud. They are an addition to the Cisco CCNA, CCNP, Specialist, and CCIE certifications.
Certification Levels:
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification:
For developers who have one or more years of experience in developing and maintaining applications on Cisco platforms.
Exam: 200-901 DEVASC.
This test will assess your knowledge and skills in working with Cisco platforms, applications, Cisco’s programming strategy, and APIs.
Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist Certification:
Developers with three to five years experience in application development, operations security, infrastructure, or engineering.
You can choose from 9 different exams depending upon your focus area (Software specialist or Automatm specialist).
Exams: 300-435 ENAUTO and 300-635 DCAUTO. 300-735 SPAUTO. 300-535 SPAUTO. 300-835 CLAUTO. 300-835 SPAUTO. 300-901 DEVCOR. 300-910 DEVOPS. 300-915 DEVIOT. 300-915 DEVIOT. 300-920 DEVWBX.
Validates your specialized knowledge and skills in connecting development, operations and security, as well as network operations in an environment that focuses on continuous delivery of applications