Jacob Moran, a new SPOTO trainer, added 28 training videos from the vSphere6.7 course to the 74-video course in vSphere6.5. This brings the total to 102 videos or nearly 23 hours of training.
Jacob created the updated courses and corresponding vSphere 6.7 labs to give hands-on experience with the new platform. There is currently no vSphere 6.7 certification exam.
“One of these days, your manager will come to see you and ask you to set up the 6.7 platform. Moran stated that you should be prepared and confident for such an event.
Jacob’s 28 vSphere 6.7 Virtual Labs are a key component to the new training, whether you’re learning for migration or just trying the new vSphere features.
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Start trainingTopics covered by this course include:
Installing ESXi 6.7
New hardware options
Deploying and managing VMs
Upgrade to vSphere 6.7

This course includes:
102 videos
28 vSphere Virtual Labs
In-video quizzes

You can watch Jacob’s video course here.

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Jacob Moran is a SPOTO trainer and holds many certifications from Microsoft and Cisco. Since 1998, he has been a technical instructor.
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