Because so many networks are interconnected in business, focusing on security of one company will not work in the long-term. Experts must examine every interdependent company in the chain to ensure data safety. The safety of all companies is at risk if one company is breached or worse. It is important to understand how each branch would be affected in the event of a large-scale attack for IT professionals who are pursuing CompTIA security certification or company IT training. As cybersecurity advances continue to make it more difficult to avoid this domino effect.
The ripple effects Cybersecurity has been brought to the forefront of the minds of people around the globe by the media attention that was generated by the cyber-attacks on large companies like Target, Adobe, and Sony. A once-insignificant topic has become the focus of an in-depth investigation into security at multiple levels. This fame has brought attention to this threat, but it also highlights the inability of small businesses to afford the same security measures as larger companies. This allows for easy data breaches. This idea is supported by the 2015 Cisco Annual Security Report, which shows that large and middle-sized organizations have more sophisticated security measures.
It will be difficult to contain a large network disruption on a larger scale. It will not only affect smaller companies but also could impact larger networks at the state, national, or global level. The U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security is a government agency that monitors technology and national security issues. In April 2015, cybercrime was declared a national emergency and it found that hackers cost the world $400 billion annually.
Some businesses have limited access to their vendor network. A breach at the bottom level could cause damage to the parent company and all companies attached. Symantec’s 2013 study found that attacks were most common in smaller businesses, putting all business partners at high risk.
How to Remove the Weakest Link IT professionals know how they can protect their companies from hackers of this nature. A few simple strategies can help protect a company’s data. These include having employees create complex passwords that are often changing and only allowing certain individuals access high-level information. These precautions can help to avoid large data breaches.
It can be difficult to keep up the pace with new methods of attack, especially for students who have received network security training certification. Companies are at risk of being hacked due to the interconnectedness of global networks. However, it also helps them to band together against the hackers. The goal is to slow down the effect by increasing education about breaches and better communication about security software management.
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