It’s a difficult time of year. There is still much to do. The sun is shining and vacations seem to be happening all around us. We are starting to stress about the upcoming performance reviews and projects changing frequently.
It is not surprising that you find it difficult to be happy at work.
This is something I have felt before. I allowed it to go untreated, but soon realized that I couldn’t continue this way. It felt like a chore to go to work, and it was difficult for me to find the motivation I needed to do anything. I was also less friendly with my coworkers. This was not the theme that I wanted for 2015.
Happiness is often viewed as a general feeling. Sometimes we refer to happiness as a general mood. After a few weeks of practicing positive behaviors, it’s easier for me to cultivate a happy feeling at work. These are some of the things that I changed about my workday.
It can be depressing to not feel comfortable at home when we spend so much time at our jobs. It can be difficult to feel comfortable in an office space with its furnishings. Personal effects can make the space more personal and make it feel more homey. Each office space is different and can present unique decorating challenges. I’ve sat in cubicles 8 feet high covered with cloth, as well as open-plan dining hall tables. To remind me of the great times I had outside the office, and to show my interest to others, I kept my event tickets in my cubicle. I bought a tiny picture frame of two inches to place by my computer when I was sitting in an open space. Each setup is different. If you are having trouble with a restricted policy or a community space, bring your favorite, but appropriate, cup. Before you hang a poster on the wall, make sure you check your company’s policies!
Take a break
I used to eat lunch every day with my colleagues. As my career progressed, I found myself in situations where the collective culture does not support this. I grew up eating at my desk. Slowly, I began to eat at my desk while working through lunch. My coworker noticed my bad behavior and forced me to take an entire hour for lunch. Even though the office layout doesn’t allow for us to eat together, a coworker reminded me that I don’t have to work just by sitting at my desk. I now make an effort to read the news while I eat lunch. Or, better yet, I try to savor what’s on my plate.
You don’t have to be embarrassed to ask for personal time or to walk around the block if you feel the afternoon burn. You can learn to recognize when your body needs to recharge and allow your mind and body to do the same.
Eat well
It’s not surprising that a healthy diet and adequate hydration can make all the difference in your happiness. I found it easy to drink too many cups of coffee and forget to refill my water bottles. Other mornings, I would fall asleep in the middle of the night and forget to refill my water bottle. I would find myself at the local hotbar getting greasy food. I would be at the vending machine buying extra bags of potato chips around 3:00pm.
Recently, I have been making more effort to pack my lunch every day before I leave for work. I will pack yogurt and granola for breakfast if I can’t make it at home. Sometimes I find myself still craving hot bars, but I try to pack fruit in my bag to curb my afternoon snack cravings. I also make an effort to assess my hydration levels instead of just getting up and making another cup. Make small changes to your diet, and at the very least, drink more water. A well-nourished body will prevent fatigue and headaches.