• You have been given a vague set of goals. Create a compelling vision.
  • Encourage an already stretched team to put in more hours for YOUR project
  • Remind stakeholders that 50% of the team cannot complete the project in half the time.
  • Stop scope creep and keep stakeholders happy
  • Conflict can be managed constructively
  • Get 2 hours of productivity from every hour you work
  • You should be in charge of everything/everything that is related to your project, even if it’s not.

All of the above plus the ability to leap tall buildings in one bound. Some days, you wish you could just leap tall buildings in one bound. You can do all of it and more, and you do it with a smile. You love the variety, challenges and the people. You love seeing customers happy and meeting impossible deadlines. You love cheering for your team members and seeing their sense of accomplishment when they solve a difficult problem or reach another milestone. It’s not that big of a deal, right? Wrong. It’s not easy. Many of you make it seem easy because of your skills, passion for project management, and your commitment to learning and improving. Celebrate project management, celebrate colleagues, and celebrate yourself. You deserve it! So long as the celebration falls within the scope, schedule, and budget. Happy International Project Management Day Margaret