Did you know you can add projects on your LinkedIn profile? You can add a section to your LinkedIn page that discusses your professional profile in a new manner: through the projects you have worked on.
You should. Let’s learn more about how to use this powerful feature to enhance your professional profile and make you more appealing to potential clients and hiring mangers.

What is the value of adding projects on your profile?
What kind of projects are you able to add?
How to add projects on LinkedIn
Add a section for projects
Add your first project
Add colleagues
Writing project descriptionsExamples of project descriptions

Save your project
View your LinkedIn project
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What is the value of adding projects on your profile?
Projects are a great way to showcase your abilities and provide data about your work experience. People say that LinkedIn should be about your results and not your jobs. Projects are a great way to add evidence to show the impact of your work.
You can include specific information about a project. You can show off your best work without making it seem like you’re boasting. LinkedIn should be more than a resume online. LinkedIn should be more than a resume. It should include all sections that you have access to.
Whether you are looking for work or just want to build your personal brand as a leader within your field, having your projects listed on your public profile can help you increase your network.
What kind of projects are you able to add?
LinkedIn projects can be attached to a role. As long as the role is listed in your profile you can add any type of project. You can add anything, from initiatives you have led as part your volunteer experience to linking your digital portfolio as an artist. Make sure they are in some way related to your work history!
A URL can be included in each project. If you have a website, projects are a great way to drive traffic to your site. You can also link to your clients to show the types of organizations you work with.
It doesn’t take much time to add projects on your profile. Here’s how it works.
How to add projects on LinkedIn
First, log in to your profile.
Click the link to edit your profile.
Click the blue button below to edit your profile. Add a section for projects
You will need to create a section if you don’t have any projects on your profile. Click Add section.
You will then find Projects – it is under the Accomplishments menu.
Locate the Projects section of LinkedIn under the Accomplishments menuAdd your first project
Next, you’ll be prompted to create a LinkedIn project.
This is how the Projects menu looks when you add your projects to LinkedIn. Type in the details of the project. These are the details you’ll need to include
Name of the project.
You can have years or just a start date.
Any other coworkers who worked on the project together.
The role it was associated to – select this option from the drop-down menu of roles already on LinkedIn. If the project is related to a new position, add it first.
If it is a publicly accessible project, or something you can link back to, please enter the URL of the Project URL.
Description. Description. You have 2,000 characters to describe what you did and the purpose of the project.

Add colleagues
If you already have LinkedIn connections with relevant team members who worked with you, they will appear and you can choose them from a drop-down menu.
You can add their names if you are not connected to them, but I recommend that you do not. It’s not necessary to tag people who aren’t connected with you on LinkedIn. No one is going assume that you did all of the work just because someone itagged you.