The cloud computing industry and its applications has been consistently positive over the past decade. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultants are for consultants with previous experience in implementing Salesforce Education Cloud solutions in a customer-facing capacity. Every organization needs a certified community cloud consultant due to the rapid growth of the cloud industry. Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool that connects businesses with their customers. It’s a single platform that gives all departments a single view of each customer.
Let us discuss the Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Exam!
What is Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Credential and how do I apply?
Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultants are consultants with previous experience in implementing Salesforce Education Cloud solutions in customer-facing roles. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultants are capable of designing and implementing Education Cloud solutions that meet customer needs, are maintainable, scalable, and contribute to customer success over the long-term.
Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant – Roles and Responsibilities
Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Exam confirms the skills of a candidate in the following areas.
Salesforce Education Cloud solutions can be configured and installed for higher education.
EDA can be used for integration of core Salesforce products, such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Einstein Analytics, as well as Community Cloud.
Maintain operational continuity between core products, EDA, and other products.
Also, be aware of limitations and product compatibility.
Also, discuss the implications of integrating and migrating data into an instance with EDA installed.
Let’s now get to the point.
How do you become a Salesforce Education Cloud consultant?
It is hard to prepare for the Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant exam. But, it is important to have a good understanding of the exam before you start your preparation. Let’s get started with the planning.
Step 1: Get to know the exam syllabus in detail
Below is the Salesforce exam course outline and documentation.
Education Cloud Applications, Settings, & Configuration: 23%
Explain the capabilities and limitations Education Data Architecture (EDA) and how they can be used with other Salesforce products and features. (Salesforce Documentation:Education Cloud Consultants)
Install and configure Education Cloud Products like Advisor Link, EDA, and GEM. (Salesforce Documentation – Get Started with EducationCloud)
Implementation Strategies: 18%
How to make a successful implementation happen (plan, gather requirements and design, build, test, document, deploy and optimize).
Also, provide advice on governance, change management and staffing. (Salesforce Documentation – Drive Organizational Change, Create a Governance Framework
Further, it is important to identify the timing considerations that will ensure a successful deployment. (Salesforce Documentation:Best Practices For Successful Deployment)
Solution Design: 19%
Explain the similarities, differences and relationships between EDA Account Models and standard Salesforce Account-Contact data model. (Salesforce Documentation:Understand the EDA Account Model,Get Started with Accounts and Contacts,Create Accounts and Affiliations)
Also, designing a scalable and appropriate solution for customers in higher education.
Further, find out where open-source solutions are available. (Salesforce Documentation:Salesforce Open Sources)
Additionally, Salesforce can help you determine when EDA is appropriate.