Technology is limitless. It has brought us so many marvels that we rely on it in every day of our lives. The creation of a better future through more advanced technology isn’t slowing down! Blockchain is an emerging technology that is rapidly gaining popularity. Blockchain applications are now more widely available and many industries are trying to use them in different aspects of their businesses.
Blockchain is a top technology that can improve the efficiency of the current business system. Blockchain is used today to disrupt many industries, including retail, e-commerce and finance. Experts believe that blockchain is a revolutionary technology.
The Blockchain boom has created a flood of opportunities for people who are passionate about Blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology. Many people want to improve their skills. Everyone is trying to get involved in Blockchain, from tech giants like Google and Facebook to startups.
This has led to a sharp rise in the number of opportunities in this sector. As of the writing of this article, 7,831 blockchain companies are registered on Angel List. This platform allows you to search for jobs in startups and many more are added each day.
Software development companies are often asked to develop solutions that use Blockchain technology. Having certified Blockchain developers in your team can give you an edge over your competitors and help you get more clients.

Here are some top blockchain certifications you might be interested in for yourself and your team.

1. Blockchain Training Alliance
Pearson VUE offers the Blockchain Training Alliance. This is a well-known company that offers new credentials to software architects and developers to enhance and verify their skills. The Blockchain Training Alliance focuses on three main areas:
Certified Blockchain Solution Architect
Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum
Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger
2. Central Blockchain Council of America
The Central Blockchain Council of America offers three different Blockchain certifications. These certifications provide a high level of knowledge for developers who want to write algorithms for Blockchain applications, and to specialists who wish to work as advisors or project manager of Blockchain projects.
These are the three certifications that most people who want to work in the Blockchain Industry will need.
Professionals in Business Blockchain
Certified Blockchain Engineer
Global Blockchain Leader
3. Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium
Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium is a solely focused on providing certifications for professionals in the Blockchain industry. It aligns its resources to build certification structures that test a person’s knowledge about cryptocurrency and Blockchain development. Their certifications are for people who have prior knowledge of Blockchain or cryptocurrency.
The following courses are their primary certification courses:
Certified Bitcoin Professional
Expert in Bitcoin
Certified Ethereum Developer
4. University of Oxford – Said Business School
Said Business School, in collaboration with GetSmarter has launched a program called Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program. It is a Blockchain certification program which focuses on the learning requirements of executives, managers, and other professionals.
It tests candidates to determine their ability to take advantage of the opportunities Blockchain presents.
You can see a great ROI by getting your team certified in any one of the Blockchain certifications mentioned above. The potential revenue generated by a Blockchain development project is negligible compared to the training costs and certification costs. It is only natural to have your developer(s), trained for one of these certifications.

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