Logi Analytics announced hourly pricing of its data analysis and visualization tool to Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
Logi Vision cloud users can use self-service analytics to turn the tool on and off as needed. The company stated that they pay an hourly rate rather than purchasing software licenses.
The company stated that cloud-based analytics and dashboards are becoming more popular because it allows business users to analyze data on demand and make immediate business decisions regardless of where they are located. The company stated that the tool allows users to “address fluctuating BI projects by leveraging visual analytics tool on a as-needed basis, to gain insights, and make informed decisions.”
McLean, Va.-based company offers an interactive dashboard that facilitates ad-hoc queries and visual analysis. Users can use this to uncover business insights and make business decisions. The venture-backed, privately owned firm has more than 1,600 customers around the world.
AWS executive David McCann stated that business intelligence was an important category of AWS Marketplace solutions. Logi Vision for AWS is available at hourly rates so customers can be more flexible in how they use software to analyze large amounts of data, collaborate, and share insights with their colleagues.
Logi Vision uses a recommendation engine with “built-in” data science to bring high-end analytics to business users. This tool is only available to data scientists who are highly trained and experienced. It has 25 users on the AWS Marketplace and pricing ranging between $1.99 to $2.94 an hour depending on how large the EC2 instance is being used.
David Abramson, a company executive, stated that business users are increasingly asking for self-service analytics tools that allow them to quickly analyze data and require minimal IT involvement. Organizations need to quickly enable workgroups with collaborative analytics, dashboarding capabilities, and other tools. Logi Vision for AWS streamlines the way business users interact with data and provides flexible, self-service analytics for workgroups in an instant environment.