Microsoft technical certifications are designed to validate the skills, knowledge, and abilities IT professionals have acquired on-the-job. They also prepare IT professionals for new technologies. IT certifications are highly sought after by companies because they demonstrate proficiency.
This Roadmap to Success explains how to prepare yourself to earn Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). This guide contains information about the certification, career prospects and salary guidance as well as how to prepare for the exam.
What is the MCSE certificate?
Microsoft certifications are organized in a pyramid structure. Each level of certification leads to more advanced, specialized, and complex certifications. The MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) is the foundation of IT professionals’ knowledge. The MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), and MCSD [Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer] are the next levels. These certifications include many of the most popular IT certificates offered by Microsoft such as Server 2012, Office 365 and Azure. The MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert), the highest level of Microsoft certification, allows learners to specialize in MCSA-level content.
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Microsoft calls it Start training. The new MCSE and MCSD certificates (MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure; MCSE Data Management and Analytics; MCSE Productivity; MCSE : Productivity; MCSE : Productivity) are aligned with Centers of Excellence. These are used by the Microsoft Partner Network by identifying technical competencies that are easily recognized by both Microsoft customers and partners. These credentials don’t have a requirement to be recertified. Instead, the achievement date indicates how you keep up to date with technological changes.
The MCSE is the most popular credential for IT professionals who specialize in Microsoft server technologies. The MCSE exam title tests knowledge with Microsoft Servers. These include Windows, SQL Server and Exchange Server. Sharepoint is also included. System Center (SCCM) is another option. MCSE certified professionals are able demonstrate their ability to design, implement and manage business solutions.
You have the option to renew your MCSE certification each year by passing an exam from our list of electives. This will show that you have made an investment in your ability to expand or deepen your skills in a Center of Excellence. Every time you earn a certification, an entry is added to the transcript. This replaces the current recertification requirement to take a specific recertification test every two years (MCSD), or every three years, (MCSE), to keep your certification active. Learn more about the new Microsoft certification structure.
What is the difference between MCSA & MCSE?
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), and MCSE certifications, are two of the most trusted and well-respected cert levels from Microsoft. MCSA is an associate or entry-level certificate, while MCSE is an expert level certification. MCSA certification is a prerequisite for sitting for MCSE exams.
MCSA certifications are usually focused on servers, operating system, and web apps, while MCSE covers business insight, private cloud computing, infrastructure, and data platform knowledge.
What is the difference between MCSE and CCNA?
Many IT professionals are unsure whether to pursue their MCSE or Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), as they move forward in their certification journey. Both certifications are highly respected by IT professionals, but each path requires specific knowledge that should be considered.
The second exam in the Cisco CCNA series is the Cisco ICND2.