Do you want to be a Server 2012 administrator. Get ready to learn SPOTO with the new SPOTO training course “Microsoft Server 2012 70-411 and R2 Updates.”
Microsoft has updated its 70-411 exam to R2, and James Conrad has redesigned this training course to incorporate the new updates.
This 38-video course teaches James how to manage Microsoft’s most popular server, Windows Deployment Service, VPN, and monitoring servers.
Here’s a complete list of videos included in the course:
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Start trainingIntroduction To Administering Windows Server 2012R2 70-411
Windows Deployment Services: Configuring and Installing
Powershell for WDS Driver Packages & Groups
Windows Deployment Service: Server Properties and Discover images
Windows Deployment Services – Image Modification and Capture
Active Directory Authentication Services
Active Directory: UGMC & Operations Masters
Active Directory: RODC & Cloned Domain Controllers
Active Directory Maintenance
Active Directory: Account Policies
Part 1: Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Objects Part 2
Part 3: Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Objects Part 4
Part 5: Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Objects: Part 6
Group Policy Objects Part 7
Part 1: VPN
Part 2 of VPN
VPN: Part 3 Routing
Part 4: VPN
RADIUS and Network Address Translation
RADIUS Templates & Network Policy Processing
Network Access Protection Part 1
Network Access Protection Part 2
DNS Part 1
DNS Part 2
Proxy for Web Applications
File Server Resource Manager Part 1
File Server Resource Manager Part 2
Distributed File System R2
BitLocker and Encrypting File System
Part 1: Monitoring Servers
Part 2: Monitoring Servers
Monitoring Servers Part 3
Monitoring Servers Part 4
Part 1 of Windows Server Update Services
Windows Server Update Services Part 2
This course prepares students to take the 70-411 exam, which is the second of three exams required to earn MSCA: Windows Server 2012 certification.
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