Outlook keeps asking for a Password
Two-step verification is a must if you are serious about your security. Multi-Factor authentication* (MFA) is a method of securing your Outlook.com/Hotmail/MSN accounts. This will provide an additional layer of security against hackers.
However, once you do that, you might encounter an issue like I did. Microsoft Outlook will continue to promote you to enter your password in the Office suite.
You might see the format as :” microsoftaccount\@[email protected]
You will most likely continue typing your password. This is incorrect. You will need to open your Microsoft Authenticator app to enter the password as shown in the below screenshot
The screenshot shows you the password you need to enter into your Outlook
*Enable two-step verification in your free email account via Microsoft Authenticator
* Multifactor authentication (MFA), is a security system that requires multiple methods of authentication from different categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login, or any other transaction.
en-ae/help/4026727/microsoft-account-how-to-use-the-microsoft-authenticator-app )