Pathway to high-demand roles
According to Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competency Plan update, November 2018, Australia still needs 2,300 cybersecurity workers. This number is expected to rise to 17,600 by 2026. (ISC), the largest non-profit association of cybersecurity professionals worldwide, estimates that there is a global skills gap of 2.93 millions, with 2.14 million of those in Asia Pacific.
Dr. Erdal Ozkaya is a member of AIICT Cybersecurity Advisory Board. He noted that cybersecurity is emerging as one Australia’s most promising growth areas, and these certifications offer professionals a direct path to help address the skills gap in the field.
Jon emphasized that cybersecurity professionals can come from many backgrounds.
Recent DDLS research has shown that different roles require different people with different personalities. A student who has a background in business analysis and is data-driven and analytical would be a good fit for a Cybersecurity Strategist position. Lang said that a journalist with a background in journalism would be a better fit for a Cybersecurity forensics position.
“Increasingly, journalists need to understand cybersecurity in order to protect their sources and information. Journalists have strong investigative skills that are useful in cybersecurity roles.
The course is endorsed by AIICT Cybersecurity Advisory Board and includes three certifications from Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the largest trade association in the IT industry.
CompTIA certifies over 220,000 IT professionals each year. Its certifications are recognized by the International Organisation for Standardisation and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This allows certifications to be recognized worldwide and ensures that a consistent high standard is maintained.
The new cybersecurity program graduates will also receive ongoing support from AIICT to help develop their careers in cybersecurity. They can also join the AIICT Industry Partner Program, which connects them with employers looking for cybersecurity positions.
The Certified Cybersecurity Professional course was designed to prepare students for the most in-demand IT security roles. The course was created in collaboration with industry professionals, who reviewed thousands of job descriptions and interviewed key employers to create a course that reflects what employers are looking for.
The AIICT portal will provide students with access to additional course material for 12 months after the course’s start date. Students can continue their formal education while they gain practical experience in areas like penetration testing, information security architecture, and security for cloud computing. Students will have free access to the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking course. This course provides the tools and techniques that are commonly used by information security professionals and ethical hackers.
Students will also have the chance to join DDLS’s hiring program. They will be put forward for front-line roles in cybersecurity with the best hiring companies in Australia.
Three CompTIA certifications will be awarded to students who complete the Certified Cybersecurity Professional course:
CompTIA A+, the preferred credential for technical support and IT operations roles, is offered to students. The Certified Cybersecurity Professional course is online and students can access the material at t