Microsoft Excel Tips to Make Your Life Simpler Microsoft Excel has many powerful features. Sometimes it can be intimidating to use. You can save time and get more familiar with the product by knowing how to use shortcuts. This collection of tips and tricks from Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, will help you use Excel more efficiently. Want to learn more about Excel? SPOTO offers Microsoft Excel 2019 training. Microsoft Excel Tech Tips Cell Styles allow you to save and transfer a customized number format. Click the More button in the Styles gallery under the Home tab. Next, click the More button on the Styles gallery on your Home tab. Be sure to include your custom number format. This is saved with the workbook. However, you will also see a Merge Styles option that allows you to import Cell Styles from other open files. Once you have a list Excel data, click in it and choose

Format as Table from your Home tab. It does some nice formatting, but it also gives you a Table Tools tab with many useful.