AWS RDS Aurora

AWS RDS Aurora AWS Aurora is a relational engine that combines high-end commercial databases’ speed and reliability with open-source databases’ simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Aurora.

Office Dev Con 2010: Join us for a FREE Office Dev Con. Thank you so much for joining our free community event. On December 3, I joined an Australian group of Office geeks who put together a conference called Office DevCon. It’s an annual Office Event. This event was great for anyone who manages Office products in their workplace. SharePoint Security was my topic. This is the best product I can use to secure my office. Register for the event if you are a Microsoft office fan. Erdal Microsoft Office in Wikipedia Microsoft Office (or simply Office) is a collection of client software, server programs, and services that was developed by Microsoft. Bill Gates first announced it at COMDEX Las Vegas on August 1, 1988. The term Office Suite was originally used to describe a bundle of productivity applications. The first version of Office included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Office applications have become much closer over the years with many shared features, such as a common spell-checker, OLE data import and Visual Basic for Applications scripting languages. Microsoft also markets Office as a platform for the development of line-of-business software under its Office Business Applications brand. Softpedia reported on July 10, 2012 that Office was used by more than a billion people around the world.

Office is available in several versions that are tailored to different computing environments and end-users. The desktop version is the most popular and widely.