Cisco has changed its CCIE/CCDE exam policy. These changes will be important to remember if you plan to take or retake CCIE/CCDE written or lab exams in the near future. This is especially true for retakes, which are when you fail your initial exam. Although we all want to pass the exam on the first attempt, it is worth having the following information in your back pocket.
Written Exam: Retakes
The number of attempts on the written exam is unlimited. However, it is mandatory to wait at most 5 days between each attempt. You cannot retake a written exam after passing it. Although not many people would choose to take it again, it is possible to do so for up to 180 days if you need to recertify or improve your score.
The following policy changes by Cisco will take effect on August 2, 2014.
Candidates who fail any CCIE/CCDE written exam must wait 15 calendar days beginning on the day after failing, before attempting the same exam again.
Candidates can attempt any CCIE/CCDE written exam no more than four times per rolling calendar. Candidates can not retake the same written exam more times than four times per rolling year, regardless of whether they pass or fail the exam.
Candidates must wait for 30 days before they can attempt CCIE lab tests. Please note that the 30-day period begins the day after the failed lab exam.
Candidates who fail the CCDE practical exam may retake it at the next scheduled exam administration.
The following policy changes will take effect on August 2, 2014.
Candidates who fail the CCIE lab exam must wait 30 days before scheduling a second attempt.
Candidates who fail any CCIE lab exam on the second attempt must wait for a period 90 days before scheduling any additional attempts. The same wait period will apply to the subsequent attempts up until the fifth attempt.
Candidates who fail a fifth attempt at a CCIE lab exam must wait 180 calendar days before scheduling another attempt. Candidates must attempt the CCIE lab exam, or CCDE practical exam within the 18-month period following passing the CCIE/CCDE written exam.
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