The Three Soldiers – Jeff Kubina via Flickr
Since last year, my brother Zach has returned home. When he was in the Middle East and Africa, he was posted to this year’s position. Since then, I have been able to pick up on him in person as in the good old days. He is now stationed in Virginia. He will likely be on another tour soon so I talk to him at least weekly over the phone while he is in the states so that I can get all the harassment in, before he ships out.
We salute all who serve our country today and those who served in the past!
By Jared Jenkins

There are lives lost and lives gained in war.
Women and men do their best to protect what they love
They defend their country
Their honor
Their people

Some refer to them as soldiers
Others call them heroes.

Our veterans risked their lives to serve us.
They have seen the worst and fought for honor.
Many people have been killed.
And regret doing so

There is a soul in every life.
There is a life for every soul
We offer our deepest appreciation and remembrance to those who have passed away.
For those who are still alive, they share the terrible memories of war.
Some people have fond memories of defeat
Some have fond memories of victory

Our veterans were more than just soldiers
They were and are heroes.