Businesses from all sectors are seeking industry experts who have been professionally certified to understand the threat of cyber-attacks, and how to counter them strategically. Two essential approaches are required to counter the threat to a digital infrastructure’s security.
Knowledge of network penetration and system performance
Defense against data breaches
Security experts need to have the necessary skills and authentication
A number of niche certification programs are available to provide the highly specialized training required of aspirants seeking to enter thecybersecurityindustry. These certification programs are useful for both new entrants and seasoned security professionals looking to climb the ladder. CEH and CNDA certifications are two of the most sought-after certifications in this field. The EC-Council is the most reputable IT and e-Business certification body.
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).
The CEH training course, a world-famous cybersecurity program, provides extensive hacking knowledge as well as skill development. The main purpose of the course is to counter hacker’s approach. A hacker often called “the White Hat”, an ethical hacker works in a legal manner to protect the organization’s network infrastructure from any data breaches.
An ethical hacker is someone who penetrates, tests and finds loopholes in a system or network to find vulnerabilities and flaws and fixes them before hackers or cyber-criminals can.
Benefits of CEH certification exam preparation
Understanding hacker’s working style will help you develop preventive and proactive security measures
A comprehensive understanding of the risks associated to the vulnerabilities in a network
Identify the exploit life-cycle and determine attack vectors. Prepare a secured network.

Certified Network Defender Architect (CNDA)
An IT security expert must be able to identify and fix any system or network vulnerabilities. They should also be familiar with network defense, which is the first line defense for any organization. This can be achieved by completing a specialized network security course -Certified Network Defender Architect – a vendor-neutral intermediate course from the EC-Council.
Benefits of CNDA Training Courses
To manage defense-in depth network security, you need to understand network security technologies
Network security: Knowledge of the protect, detect and respond approach
Analyse complete of security processes in the host/network
Understanding the entire structure of security procedures and postures
These courses are for IT security professionals who have a basic understanding about networking and system security. These credentials will help you to advance your career, no matter if you choose to take theCertified Hacker Training orCertified Network Defense Architect Training.