You ever wished you could transform a Slack chat into a TeamGantt task using TeamGantt? Your wish is granted.
TeamGantt for Slack is an integration that allows you to quickly turn team collaboration into project action. Here’s a quick overview of the features TeamGantt For Slack offers:
You can create new tasks quickly: Add tasks to your TeamGantt project using actions or slash commands.
Keep on top of your daily tasks with Slack. View your daily task list and track task progress.
Quickly access active project information: Drag and drop a list into Slack, then filter by search terms.
You can control your notifications: Choose when you want to receive information about TeamGantt tasks.
You can collaborate easily on tasks: Reply and comment on TeamGantt tasks, without ever leaving Slack.
Let’s take a look at it and get started today.
How to connect TeamGantt and Slack
Are you ready to get started? Awesome! Here’s how you can integrate TeamGantt and Slack.
To make the connection, you will need a TeamGantt Account. You can sign up for one free of charge if you don’t already have one.
The next step is easy. Next, go to TeamGantt’s Slack integration webpage and click the big blue Add To Slack button at top.
To make the integration work properly, TeamGantt will need permission to share basic information with Slack. To complete the integration, review these permissions and then click on the green Authorize button.
How TeamGantt’s Slack integration works
Slack and TeamGantt go together like carrots and peas. This is a quick overview of TeamGantt’s Slack integration, so you can get the most out of this new app connection.
Create new tasks
There are two options to create TeamGantt tasks from Slack. This ensures that nothing gets lost.
Option 1: Use Slack actions for a new task.
Click the 3 dots to the right and hover over the Slack message that you want to act on.
Select Create Task from your action menu.
The default task name will be the Slack message text. You can either use the default task name or give the task a name.
Select the project that you would like to add the task.
To add the task to TeamGantt, click the green Create button.
Option 2: To add a task, use the /tg task slash command.
In a Slack message, type /tg create task.
Enter the task name and select the project to which you wish to add it.
To add the task to TeamGantt, click the green Create button.
Once the task has been added to Slack, assign it to a team member. Schedule start and end dates in TeamGantt.
View and update daily tasks
Slack offers 2 great options to help you keep track of your TeamGantt tasks. Here’s how they work.
Option 1: Navigate directly to your TeamGantt home screen
The home screen allows you to view the tasks that you need to complete today (similar to My Tasks).
Check if a task is completed.
Comment on a task
Open a Task in TeamGantt
Select Add apps in the Apps section of the Slack sidebar menu to access the home screen. Next, search for and choose the TeamGantt App.
Note: If you are currently using TeamGantt for Slack, and are having difficulty accessing it, click this link to opt in.
Option 2: Use /tg today’s slash command
To view a list with your daily tasks, type /tg today in a Slack message and hit Enter.
Click the Quick Update button to update a task’s Percent Complete, or add a comment directly from Slack.
Click Open in TeamGantt for more task information.
Get involved in active projects
You want a direct link from Slack to TeamGantt projects Follow these steps.
To pull up a list your active projects in Slack, type /tg projects into Slack messages
You can filter your project list by adding a search term. You can add a search term at the end of the slash command. Entering /tg projects would be an example.