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PMI(r), which recognizes the importance of agile techniques for project managers and organizations they serve, has not been blind to it. It was well-publicized at the Global Congress in Washington, D.C. last January that Agile was a hot topic. I don’t think it is surprising that the PMI chose to adopt agile practices and issued a qualification.
PMI isn’t trailblazing: The APM Group launched their Agile project management certification scheme using the Atern(r).
PMI will likely have more candidates for its Agile certification that APMG because PMI has a strong, if not completely grassroots, Agile movement.
PMI’s press officer stated that by adding an Agile certification to their offering, PMI allows practitioners to demonstrate their professionalism in Agile practices and show that they can lead basic Agile teams. The certification is more credible than existing entry level, training or exam-only offerings. The official announcement continues:
PMI research has shown that Agile practices have doubled in project management in the past two years. The Agile certification validates project practitioners who are using Agile methods in their work. This new offering brought together top thought leaders who use Agile techniques in project management. They advised PMI on how to best offer the certification and help project practitioners and their organizations.
This will ensure that the new certification is based upon actual practice and that the syllabus remains solid. The pilot certification, which will be used to verify that the examination is well-designed, will begin in May 2011. You can apply for this certification if you are interested in it in May 2011. Exams will begin later in the year.
Mark A. Langley, president of PMI, stated that project managers who use Agile practices in their projects can increase their influence and impact in the organizations they work for and boost their career prospects with the Agile certification. This is especially true for PMP holders. “Using these practices in project managing is more common than ever, and this certification is a natural extension to our commitment to our members and credential holders as well as our stakeholders around the world.”
Jesse Fewell, PMP founder of the PMI Agile Communities of Practice, stated that although organizations have offered Agile certifications for some time, they now have the largest project management organisation in the world.
Jesse has been a tireless champion of Agile at PMI Congress. He even dragged me along to one the Agile focus sessions and made it difficult for me not to go to the session I wanted to see.
Agile seems to be here to stay, even though it took project managers a while to realize that.
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