The cyberattacks on all sectors have increased due to the colossal dependence of businesses on the cyberstructure that includes data acquisition, storage management, integration, analysis, and computing. The demand for security professionals with the right skills has increased significantly over the last decade and is not expected to slow down. Researches show that there will be a shortage of cybersecurity professionals by 2020. With their extensive certifications and training courses, cybersecurity training companies are taking steps to address this skill shortage. Enterprises are also looking for ways to train their employees on the most recent security techniques, best practices, and compliance, as well as to be able to identify and mitigate possible threats.
The most sought-after skills for security professionals are:
GDPR: Global Data Protection Compliance (GDPR), is the new EU compliance. It focuses on providing the highest level of protection to personal data that companies have collected and processed for any purpose. The GDPR will be in effect on 25 May 2018. It is the most important skill you can have to stay ahead of the curve. You will need to have a deep understanding of compliance, its implementation, and the impact.
Security Analysis: A report by ESG/ISSA found that 33% of respondents felt their organizations lack professional security analysis and investigation skills. Security professionals must be able to analyze existing security infrastructure and determine the best practices to protect sensitive information using ultra-modern methods.
Cloud Security: The rapid adoption of cloud technology by organizations has dramatically increased the demand for cloud security professionals. Research projects that the global cloud market will reach $160 billion by 2020. This reflects huge opportunities for security professionals like cloud security architects who are skilled in managing, deploying and maintaining cloud platforms such that Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure. Cloud security skills enable security professionals to assess a company’s risk and formulate sound strategies to address any vulnerabilities.
Risk Analysis: Security professionals are highly skilled in analyzing the risks associated to the existing security infrastructure, and implementing effective policies and procedures to mitigate them. It is possible to formulate sound strategies to combat potential security threats if risks are properly assessed in time. This is an integral part the security skillset.
Forensic Investigation: This involves investigating cyberattacks and using cyber forensic skills to identify ransomware, state sponsored attacks, etc. Security skills are a must-have. You should be able to identify and reach the criminal before it is too late, whether you are a security professional or aspiring one.
You can easily acquire the skills mentioned in cybersecurity, including data analysis, IOT security, secure application development, testing, and many more. To become an expert in cybersecurity, all you have to do is learn the right security path.
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